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The new version of faculty of Civil Engineering
The new version of faculty of Civil Engineeirng web site
Amirkabir University of Technology
New version of the web site of Faculty of Civil Engineering is now tentatively available in net

I am pleased to announce that this would be the end to the prospect of all those who have been waiting to see the new version of the web site of our department. A totally interactive environment along with full dynamic programming of the web site is only parts of outstanding features which from now so on will serve our department on web in a pioneer way. Notwithstanding it is worth to capture your attention that during the tentative operation of the web site we would expect to remove all possible bugs which are usual in early days if operation . Please accept our apology for this unavoidable situation in advance.

For your information I must state here that the programming has been conducted by and the data based technology has been set on SQL Server 2005. This web site would have two primary functions. At the first place it will contain all information about us in net. You would find out the answer of questions among others such as "what research topics are supported here?", "Who are among our academic members?", "What are our undergraduate and graduate programs? "What facilities do we have here?".  The function of publishing information in the English version of our web site is a unique opportunity for our department to demonstrate their abilities and possibilities to the world. Though the same function in Persian version is not only for news publishing propose but also in order to be a foundation for in campus news circulation. For this reason the news in English version and Persian one would not necessarily be same.

Another function of our web site which is mostly the aim of our Persian version is that student and professors can communicate through net on our web. The class articles can be put on web by professors and downloaded by students. Access management of the web site for these features would be possible either by webmaster or each professor.   

You can enjoy being a free member of our news letter by singing up your email address. Our site will send you all news update announcement including the new news automatically.

In the banner part of our site you can see any special announcement such as students contest, upcoming events and occasions.

At the end I would like to draw the attention of the students and graduates of our department that our web site can not be kept fresh unless every  one of you collaborate to make it kept updated. Making artistic flash file for any part of our web site and proving us with your new idea, among other, are two important ways for you to put you’re your contribution on the web site.

Best Wishes

Mehdi Banazadeh