CE-Soil Mechanics lab

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Soil Mechanics Laboratory
The aim of the theoretical and practical training laboratory of advanced soil tests is to study the behavior of adherent and granular soils, studies of sand liquefaction potential, soil water retrieval properties, as well as the main purpose of familiarizing graduate students with advanced soil testing and laboratory experiments. They are also prepared for conducting thesis-related research.
Laboratory equipment
Device Accuracy / Capacity
Big oven  
Small oven  
Vacuum pump  
Digital scale 1 g / 10 kg
Digital scale 1 g / 6 kg
Digital scale 1 g / 60 kg
Three small levers scale  
Scale 10 g / 30 kg
Jack extractor of compression specimens  
Large and small NEF device  
Archimedes device  
Plate loading  
Vane shear test  
Direct shear test 10 × 10
Direct shear test 30 x 30
Direct shear test 5 x 5
Consolidation device  
Sand Equivalent Device  
Sand liquid limit  Device  
Single axis device  
Relative Density Device (Pinhole)  
Casagrande Device  
Falling permeability apparatus  
Fixed permeation device  
Small shaker #8
Great Shaker  
Compressor wind  
Large wind compressor  
Density cone  
Electric mixer 10000 rpm
Type of experiments and services to industry
Test Description
Plate loading test  
Direct shear test 3 types
Consolidation Drained and undrained
Density Standard and modified
Determination of Sand Equivalent  
Determination of density in situ  
Determination of Atterberg limits (shrinkage limitplastic limit, and liquid limit.)  
Determination of moisture content  
Determination of Bulk density measures  
Determination of triaxial compressive strength  
Determination of California Bearing Power Ratio C.B.R  
Soil Grading Dry and wet

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