Class of 2020 - Fall semester

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MSc Students
First Name Last Name Advisor   Title
Mohammad Shokoohi targhi Golroo
Enterprise Risk Management in Transportation Infrastructure
Parsa Asaseh Khedmati
Mohammad Hossein Ssalami Shakeri A framework for managing contractors cash flow based on building information modeling
Seyyed Alireza Fatemi Shakeri Evaluation of key performance indicators from the perspective of stakeholders in construction projects
Saeed Taghavi Rahai Investigation of seismic performance of integral and semi-integral curved prestressed concrete bridges constructed by balanced cantilever method
Mohammad Bour Rahai Optimization of composite shear wall characterities by different materials and thickness for steel plate and concrete layers
Ali Asad Tabadkan Fakharian
Seyed omid Najmi Shah hosseini
Reducing the effect of unpredictable risk with AR in construction
Pourya Nejati Pour Khorsandi
Effect of initial conditions on the dynamics and mixing of turbulentjets
Milad Salami Karimi
A framework for adoption of E-procurement in construction projects
Mohammad Masoud Farivar Imam
Experimental Investigation of Group of Encased Stone Column in Unsaturated Soil
Milad TahmasebiI Ashtiani Shakeri
Impact of safety perceptions of factors involved in construction projects on safety culture
Farhad Shahabeddin Ebadi
Best Practice for Offshore Oil Spill Responses and Emergency Plans
Sahand Sartipi Epackchi
Amin Khoshkenar Shahhosseini
Prioritizing BIM maturity competencies in order to improve safety level of construction projects (A case study)
Seyed Arman Hosseini Ghahroudi Banazadeh Comparison of Seismic Damage of Tall Structures with Moment Resisting Frame Equipped with Viscous Damper and Buckling-Restrained Brace (BRB) System
Homayoon Halvayi Jalali Fakharian Adjusting pile bearing capacity of piles based on processing of regional pile dynamic and static load test data banks
Ali Sshahrivari Karimi
Risk assessment modeling in structural steel projects for the sake of site safety in iranian construction
Soleiman Sabzehkar Maknoon
Investigating the effects of biological method on soil liquefaction
Shahrad Toorani Taher shamsi Seismic vulnerability assessment of lifeline infrastructure - Case study : Mamloo dam transfering water pipeline to south of Tehran
Sayyesd Milad Hosseini Erfani Comparison of behavior and specifications of fully connected and beam-only connected (free edge) steel plate shear wall
Vahid Abbasianfar Shahhosseini
BIM-based semi -automated rule checking for construction safety
Navid Gholizadeh Tahouni
Performance-Based Seismic Design of Tall Buildings – A Case Study on Mellat AutoBank Tower (Jaam Tower)
Tara Saeidi Mesbah namini
Analyzing passenger satisfaction in bus rapid transit using a smartphone application
MohammadAmin Moradi Maknoon
Study of approach for making smart cities and Decision Making model selection(Example:Tehran worn out urban texture

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