CE-Environment lab
Environmental and Materials Chemistry Laboratory
The Chemistry Laboratory began in 1966. Since 2003, with the efforts of respected officials of the University and the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, this laboratory has continued its activity as "Environmental Materials and Chemicals Laboratory" by purchasing new equipment related to water and environment. This laboratory first started its activities in the field of undergraduate and industrial services and since 2003 has expanded its research activities by attracting postgraduate students in the field of civil engineering (environmental engineering). In recent years, by utilizing the efforts and experiences of experienced professors, by presenting doctoral projects, research activities of this laboratory have been added. This laboratory was recognized as an environmental reference laboratory in 2007 and has the required standards for various experiments. On the other hand, according to the university's policy of having a secure university, and with the selection of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Environmental Engineering Laboratory as a pilot to establish safety concepts, the laboratory has taken various steps as a pioneer in this field.
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