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CE-Asphalt lab

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Pavement, Bitumen and Asphalt Laboratory

Head: Prof. Fereidoon Moghadas Nejad

Technician: Mojtaba khodadadi

Telephone: +98(21)64543070 
Address: Pavement, Bitumen and Asphalt Laboratory, First Floor, Building No. 2, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Hafez Ave., Tehran, Iran

The history of the university was established for about fifty years, beginning with the use of great professors, with the experience and establishment of numerous laboratories, including bitumen and asphalt laboratories, to world standards. Currently, bitumen tests and Marshall Tests are being conducted, and numerous articles have been presented by postgraduate and doctoral students in various fields. The purpose of the lab is to conduct research and carry out industry-related projects.
Laboratory equipment
  • UTM 25 device
  • Triaxial test chamber
  • Pressbox Shear Compactor
  • Automatic saw
  • Core machine with drill head 75, 100, 120
  • Rotary timber measuring device
  • Archimedes scale with a tenth accuracy
  • Vacuum pump
  • Compressor
  • Marshall automatic and manual compressor
  • English Pendulum
  • Oven
  • Soft spot measuring device
  • Penetration gauge
  • Elasticity measuring device
  • Bitumen flame retardant device
  • Marshall loading jack
  • Bitumen and asphalt mixture specific weight determination equipment
Software list
  • Dynamic modulus UTS software
  • TSRST UTS software
  • Stress-Strain UTS and UTM  softwares
  • Shear Box Compactor UTS software
  • Indirect tensile modulus UTS and UTM softwares
  • Creep compliance and Indirect tension strength UTS software
  • Material Strength UTM software
  • Dynamic and Static Creep UTM software
  • Resilient modulus UTM software 
Doable tests
  • AASHTO TP46, T307
  • AASHTO TP9, T322
  • AASHTO T316
  • AASHTO T-283
  • NCHRP 9-19
  • NCHRP 9-29
  • BS 598
  • BS DD226
  • ASTM D1559
  • ASTM D4402
  • ASTM D2041
  • ASTM D2726
  • ASTM D4867
  • ASTM D113
  • ASTM E103
  • ASTM D5
  • ASTM D92
  • ASTM D36
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