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Department History
Since its inception in 1957, Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at the Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) has provided an outstanding student learning experience and delivered excellent research with impact. Furthermore, the department and its alumni have played a key role in sustainable development of the country.

The department, formerly named the Road and Building Engineering Institute, was one of the four original institutes of the Tehran Polytechnic, which graduated its first student in 1962. The polytechnic’s four institutes included
-        Road and Building Engineering Institute,
-        Mechanical Engineering Institute,
-        Electrical Engineering Institute, and
-        Mining Engineering Institute.
Following the fundamental changes in the educational system of the nation after the Islamic Revolution in the country, the polytechnic and the institute were renamed into the Amirkabir University of Technology and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering respectively.. The faculty has achieved significant quantitative and qualitative growth in teaching and research and is currently able to consolidate its leadership in the development of the country through its 20-year strategic program. Nowadays Master's and PhDs in the fields of "Geotechnic Engineering", "Road and Transportation Engineering", "Transportation Engineering", "Structural Engineering", "Earthquake Engineering", "Water and Hydraulic Engineering", "Hydraulic Structures Engineering"," "Environmental Engineering" and "Construction Management Engineering" provide extensive educational and research services. Meanwhile, interdisciplinary "industrial design" groups as well as "marine structures" have been established under the management of the faculty.
The Names Of The Deans Of The Faculty Since 1976

The Name Of The Dean Of The Faculty
Dr. Sadri 1976-1978
Dr. Pooya 1978-1980
Dr. Deylami 1980-1981
Dr. Ramezanianpour 1981-1982
Dr. Mir Mohammad Hosseini 1982-1983
Dr. Amirshah Karimi 1983-1984
Dr. Rahaei 1984-1986
Dr. khodaii 1986-1988
Dr. Ramezanianpour 1988-1992
Dr. Fahimifar 1992-1999
Dr. Keramati 1999-2001
Dr. Soroush 2001-2005
Dr. Taher Shamsi 2005-2009
Dr. khodaii 2009-2013
Dr. Kabir 2013-2018
Dr. Taghikhany
2018 - 2020
Dr. Seyed Djamshid Mousavi 2020 so far
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