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Environmental Engineering

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Courses (32 credits)
Credit Type
1 Core Courses 12 Table 2.19
2 Elective Courses 12 Table 2.20
3 Seminar and Research Methods 2 -
4 Thesis 6 -
Core Courses
Course name
1 Fundamentals of Advection and diffusion and pollution modelling – CE4901 3
2 Basics of Water and Wastewater Treatment– CE4902 3
3 Two of:
Basics of Solid Waste Engineering and management – CE4903
Basics of Air Pollution Engineering – CE4904
Sustainable Developments and Environmental Management – CE4905
Elective Courses


Mathematical and computational fundamentals
Water Resources (ground and underground)



Soil and waste

Air and noise

Environment management
1 Numerical Methods in Environmental Engineering – CE4911 Water Quality management – CE4915 Advanced Water and Wastewater – CE4920 Environment Geotechnics – CE4209 Air pollution Measurement, Monitoring and Assessment – CE4935 Environmental Planning and Management – CE4941
2 Soft Computation – CE4001 Marine Environmental Engineering – CE4916 Design of Water and Wastewater Treatment – CE4921 Solid waste management, processing and recycling – CE4931 Air Flow and Pollution Modeling – Ce4936 Environmental assessment of Civil Engineering Projects – CE4942
3 Advanced Statistics  – CE5008 Surface Water Flow and Pollution Modeling – CE4917 Design of Water and Wastewater Networks – CE4922 Waste Pollution and remediation technologies – CE5210 (2 credit) Noise Pollution and Control Methods – CE4937 Basics of Sustainable Development Design – CE4943
4 Hydro-informatics – CE4704 Groundwater Flow and Pollution modeling – CE4918 Environmental Laboratory – CE4923
(1 credit)
Design of Landfills – CE5211 (2 credits) Meteorology and climate change – CE4938  
5 RS and GIS Application in civil Engineering & Laboratory – CE4010 Advanced Hydraulic – CE4601 Wastewater recycling and reuse – CE4924   Air pollution Control from mobile and stationary sources – CE4939  
6 Advanced Engineering Mathematics – CE4000 Advanced Hydrology – CE4701 Environmental Biotechnology – CE4925      
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