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CE-Materials Resistance and Structural Research lab

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Materials Resistance and Structural Research Laboratory

Head: Prof. Mohammad Zaman Kabir

Technician: Dr. hojjat kashani


Address: Materials Resistance and Structural Research Laboratory, Fourth Floor, Building No. 2, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Hafez Ave., Tehran, Iran
Laboratory equipment
  1. Elastic Torsion Device (STA-5):
Obtain Rigidity Module as well as Equation Research = TL / JG for existing tests sample
  1. Curved Beam Rigging Device (SDB-30):
Displacement Curved Beams and Castigliano Theory Research
  1. Buckling Device (SBA-140):
Investigation of buckling phenomena in long beams with narrow cross sections under the influence of pressure force
  1. Symmetrical beams deflection Device (SDB-50):
It consists of a metal frame with a horizontal beam for mounting the supports and a horizontal ruler on top for mounting the measuring clocks and determining their distance.
  1. Impact Testing Device (SIT-200B):
The behavior of materials used in engineering design versus moment loads often differs from the results of tensile tests. In other words, the material's resistance and fracture behavior to impact load is different from its resistance to tensile and pressure. Therefore, understanding the fracture behavior of the material against impact loads is also essential to determine the impact strength of the SIT-200B.
  1. Stress-Strain Device (SST-20):
The design purpose of this device is to familiarize with the work of Strain-Guage. Strain-Guage works according to Paul and Teston's law.
  1. Fatigue Testing Machine (SFT-600):
Fatigue apparatus is used to test the fatigue strength and life of different specimens. This device can be fully disrupted by applying a completely neutral charge on the sample and can be measured by the measuring tool available in the device's service life (the number of cycles that can be loaded before the failure).
  1. Asymmetrical beams deflection Device (SDB-20):
Comparison of beam deflection with its practical results
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